Pick the right lipstick and it will not only make you look good, but also help your lips in the long run. As we all know, lipsticks are the fundamentals of makeup. Even before we were introduced to today’s world of bespoke cosmetics, lipsticks became an object of our vanity. It is a product used by a majority of women around the world, irrespective of ethnicity or race. The tints and shades add colour to our personalities and our moods. So to better understand our liking for lipsticks, let us get a little deeper into the making of lipsticks and how to choose one that better suits us.

Studies show that on average, women tend to consume 9lbs of lipstick in a lifetime. So, it is important to know what you wear on your lips.  

Most lipsticks today are made with alcohol, animal byproducts, insect byproducts, fatty acids, gelatin and more. Animal and insect byproducts include Tallow (which is essentially rendered animal fat; the source of this rendered fat differs, but pig fat is a common ingredient), Carmine (also called Cochineal Dye, is produced by crushing beetles to get colour), Lanolin (oil extract from wool-bearing animals, similar to the greasy buildup in our hair), Beeswax (beehives and bees are crushed and used as a thickening agent in many lipstick formulations) to mention a few. There are also a considerable amount of heavy metals such as Lead (a common ingredient in lipsticks used to create a glossy colour, known to be fatal in high doses). These unnoticeable ingredients greatly upset our biological harmony and cause various defects and conditions when used in the long run. In the quest for a richer colour and long-lasting efficacy, many cosmetic companies compromise on ethical and health standards while being inconsiderate of cultural nuances of people around the world. Most people are clueless about these ingredients and use these regular cosmetics on an everyday basis.

But more and more women as discerning consumers, are choosing Halal-Certified products over traditional cosmetics. Like Halal-Certified lipsticks from Lafz. As a socially, environmentally &  culturally conscious cosmetics company, Lafz uses zero alcohol and animal-derived ingredients while making lipsticks and other cosmetic products. These lipsticks also contain ingredients which help in moisturizing lips and keeping it supple and healthy. The antioxidants in the product naturally protect the skin from drying and last longer, effortlessly. 

Lafz Lipsticks are formulated to better adhere to your beliefs and are also dermatologically tested so as to prevent skin-irritation and keep your lips bright and happy, always. Halal-friendly products such as those from Lafz are preferred not only by people of the Islamic faith, but also non-muslims. They are loved by women not just for their quality and performance but also the added benefit of providing vital supplements such as vitamins and minerals that keep your lips nourished all day long. 

Lafz takes great pride in manufacturing Halal-Certified products which are recognised throughout the world. State-of-the-art technology, subject-matter experts, scientists & researchers and specialists from across the spectrum of careers and geographies come together at Lafz to create beautifully designed, problem-solving products that are not only Halal-Certified, but also help you live life more harmoniously according to your beliefs.

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