Are Fragrances Important in Building Your Personality and Muslim Identity

Are Fragrances Important in Building Your Personality & Muslim Identity?


Are Fragrances Important in Building Your Personality and Muslim Identity


Perfume or body spray is a personal choice. There are many people who prefer using fragrances, because it gives their confidence a boost, enhances their mood and makes them feel presentable. On the other hand, there are people who avoid using perfumes, as they contain alcohol and are bad for the skin. For these people, Lafz has — Halal Perfumes — alcohol-free and prepared by natural ingredients, which are absolutely safe on the skin. However, apart from using perfumes on a daily basis, does it have a role in building Muslim identity? Continue reading to find out.




For the longest time, fragrances were not just used to maintain personal hygiene, but used in religious ceremonies as well. In Islamic culture, the use of perfume has been noted far back in the 6th century. Attar, perfumes and other fragrances are used during prayers, as it is considered a way to connect with Allah. Perfumes and essential oils were used to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere at home. 





It is said that any Muslim who wants to attend Friday prayer must take a bath, clean their teeth with Miswaak, wear their best clothes and use perfume. This has been advocated by Prophet Mohammed. Since Muslims had to use perfume before attending any religious ritual, this led perfume to become popular among other people in Medina in the early period of Islam. There is always a curiosity for buying attar in India as they are traditional, considered sacred and alcohol-free. Halal perfumes have been a part of the Muslim lifestyle since forever. In ancient times, Muslims used to prepare Attar — an essential oil derived from botanical sources like flowers and herbs. Attar is considered as one of the treasured possessions given to mankind by Prophet Muhammad.



Al-Zahrawi in the volume Adwiyat Al-Zinah explained how Muslims were supposed to care of their hair, skin, how they looked and what fragrances they used within boundaries of Islam. Yet Muslims in the 21st century have to make a choice between 95% alcohol-based deodorants or ancient essential oils like attar.  And at Lafz we believe that every individual and Muslim should be able to lead a modern lifestyle without having to compromise on their values and belief systems. 


So, the team at Lafz is focused on bringing back the age-old secrets of Egyptian beauty and Persian grooming, and combining both with modern science to give the Muslim community the best products that are Halal certified. We have a range of Halal perfumes for men and women. The ingredients that go into making these perfumes are natural and not at all harmful on the skin.


And with our range of halal perfumes, nobody will have to compromise with their beliefs any longer.

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