The word Halal signifies the use or disuse according to Islamic law. While haram ingredients are those which cause harm to your mind, body and soul, Halal ingredients are those which can have a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. In the case of Lafz products, it is without animal-derived ingredients, free of alcohol, parabens and more. For this exact reason, halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are gaining importance and demand throughout the world. 

Zero alcohol 

The debate has always been around whether this ingredient is haram or permissible. Lafz products are formulated without the presence of Ethanol. It is a common ingredient in body sprays and bodyspray. Check the back panel of your existing product to see whether it is listed as part of the ingredient. 

No animal-derived ingredients

Gelatin or other proteins such as collagen and elastin are some of the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetic products. While it can be derived from a variety of sources- plant based, synthetic, animal based. Be sure that to find out from the brand on how these ingredients are derived from. 

All of Lafz’s products are formulated with no animal-derived ingredients, making it safe for use and Halal.


Some brands claim their products to be free from alcohol or toxic ingredients without any proof backing their claims. This is where certifications from external parties can provide assurance and authentication for consumers. 

All Lafz products are Halal Certified and conform to the Islamic way of life. Therefore, they are safe and do not include animal byproducts in any stage of preparation, manufacture, storage, or transportation. 

Lafz believes in the halal way of living. Their products are halal-friendly and are recognised worldwide. Lafz is for everyone who believes in mindful consumption. Halal is an epitome of purity, safety, and integrity. All these features and more make Lafz a 100% halal product.


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