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What’s My Lip Colour?

Wish you knew a fail-safe trick to glam up in minutes? Makeup experts from Milan to Tokyo swear by this single tip – a red lipstick. Yes, that’s it. But not everyone would be in the mood for red every day. For such people, there needs to be a go-to palette of colours that suits them and they will be comfortable wearing them. Here’s how you can do just that without having to spend much time in any choosing which lipstick colour.

In the subcontinent and across South Asia, skin tones tend to vary. Looking for the golden rule? Align your lip colour to your skin tone. And the simplest way to categorize them is to consider having five broad categories of skin tones and undertones – fair, olive, pink, yellow, dark.

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For women with a fair, nudes and corals suit them the best (think Kate Winslet). However, for that bold look or a special occasion, blood-red would be the most appropriate colour. Go easy on violets and mauves. If your skin tends to redden quickly in the sun, then try colours like pinks, corals and orangish red.



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For women who have an olive skin tone like Penelope Cruz or Jessica Alba, you may try out almost any colour! In the Subcontinent, most people have skin with olive undertones. They can experiment with a whole bouquet of hues. However, avoid purples and deep chocolates, as it tends to clash with your skin tone.



For women who have skin with yellow undertones, lip colours like reds, violets, purples, nudes and bronze work the best. If your skin colour is darker, which is a little above the yellow undertone, try experimenting with stark contrasting shades in reds, hot pinks and purples. However, pinks may look washed out on your skin tone. In case you choose to wear nudes, try to stay closer to your skin shade.

For women who have darker subcontinental skin tones, your go-to lip colours would be nice vibrant poppy shades. The trick is to change shades for night and day. Wear the neutrals during the day and move on to the darker shades for evenings out. Neutrals such as copper brown and peach will look great on your skin tone.

Check your lips if you are confused.

Not everyone is familiar with this fact, but another way to choose the right lip shade is to check your natural lip colour. This should be done as soon as you step out of the shower.

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Pale lips should pick cherry reds and coral shades. If you have naturally reddish lips, opt for hot pinks, oranges and cranberry. And if you have dark, brownish lips, then brick reds, burgundies and violets are your go-to lip shades. Also, do stick to waterproof and liquid lipsticks as they tend to stay on longer.




If you still have doubts of which lip colour to use, mix them up. Mix a few shades and create the colour that looks and feels right. You can mix shades on the back of your hand and go for it. Here is a pro tip for you, if the colour is looking too dull, add in some red. If it looks too bold, add a bit of nude.

Finally, ensure your mood and OOTD match well!.

Moisturize your lips, outline them with a brush or pencil, fill in going from the centre outwards and touch up with the brush or pencil if required. Matte or gloss – whatever spells comfort. Feeling romantic? Compliment the spring flowers on your girly dress with a hint of blush pink on your lips. And if you are in the no-nonsense mood on an activity-filled day, then try a sleek brownish-red.

And above all use Halaal lipsticks that use natural, safe for the skin and uncompromising ingredients. Check for haram ingredients. Let beauty and belief come together.

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