Everything You Need To Know About Halal Beauty Products

In Islamic law, Halal means PERMISSIBLE. Islamic law considers the consumption of alcohol, certain animals and blood haram. Any products made with these ingredients are considered haram too. It is a way of living chosen by the believers of the Muslim community. The true believers are seen to sensibly make their choices. Here is everything you need to know about Halal Beauty products in a nutshell.

  1. Certifications

There are Halal governing bodies that give Halal certification to cosmetic and personal care products. Some products claim to be halal without the accreditation of certification bodies. Certificates prove the authenticity of the claims made by the brands. Most of the countries have their own governing bodies to do the same.

2. Ingredients

Skin care products might not have direct involvement of haram ingredients such as alcohol, pork or any pork derived ingredients or carmine in any way, but the by-products can be made from the combination of them. For this reason, everyone should observe the ingredients carefully and should turn down the product in case of keratin, oleic acid, lanolin alcohol, gelatin, collagen, estrogen and other similar ingredients being used. This is a significant point to look into when buying halal beauty products.

3. What?

What are HALAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS? The cosmetics or skin care products like Muslim lipstick or Muslim nail polish that contain halal ingredients are considered as halal beauty products. These products must not have any alcohol content, animal by-products or any kind of harmful ingredients in any phase of their preparation or manufacturing.

4. Why?

Halal products are cruelty-free, skin-friendly, safe and are made with organic and natural ingredients. The ingredients used in halal products moisturize the skin and can be worn even during prayers. Halal beauty products help Muslim women to apply makeup without compromising their values and beliefs. 

5. Where to find?

Lafz is the world’s first halal-certified brand with Halal certification from around the world. They use no alcohol or harmful ingredients and are tested to be completely safe on human skin. Lafz aims at providing the best halal products that are pure and clean products that abide by Halal standards.

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