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Lafz is a concept born of the practice of Halal. The Lafz range of Halal compliant personal care products is created with a vision to enable the community to consume top quality products without compromising on values and beliefs. Lafz’s product is made with No Ethyl alcohol, no animal by-products & no harmful ingredients.
Lafz is a Singapore based brand.
  • Lafz products have been Halal certified by recognised agencies around the globe. None of the formulation used by Lafz contains any ethyl alcohol or any animal derived ingredients.
  • All Lafz products are manufactured in Halal compliant factories and tested to be safe for use on human skin.
Yes, Lafz is the world’s 1st Halal certified no-alcohol body spray. We have certification from two different Halal governing bodies from India and Turkey. You may wish to refer to our website under the section Halal certificates awarded to Lafz.

Currently we have ten variants for male users and six variants for female users. And the product portfolio continues to grow. Please refer to our website for more information.

Our fragrances last 12-24 hours. For long lasting effect, we advise our customers to use Lafz Body Spray directly on the skin rather than on clothes.

  • Lafz products are available at most leading cosmetic outlets (a total of 7000 outlets) as well as the leading e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.
  • You can also order online from our
    Official website
  • Call 01870664631 to place your order or ask for any information.
  • The shelf life of body spray is 36 months from the manufacturing date.
  • For exact detail, please refer to prints on the product.

Our products are manufactured in various places around the world. Turkey, India, Italy, France etc. are some of the countries where our products are manufactured.

Lafz is planning  to launch more beauty care products and personal care products. Do like us on Facebook, sign up to be part of the Lafz community or visit our website regularly for updates and more info.

  • Lafz body spray contains zero alcohol. It is made with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vetiver which help to moisturise your underarm, and Tea Tree oil extract and Triclosan whose antibacterial properties neutralize the smell of sweat.
  • Our body sprays are also Halal Certified and dermatologically tested to ensure that it is suited for all skin types.

Fragrance preference is a rather individual choice. We share as much information as possible in the product page to help you choose. Refer to each variant for its Top/ Middle/ Base notes as a guide.

An “Attar” doesn’t have any deodorizing property and is only a perfume (meant to be sprayed on clothes/pulse point). On the other hand, a Deodorant Body Spray gives the fragrance and also provides anti-bacterial property and helps to neutralize the smell of sweat. Body spray is meant to be sprayed on armpit/skin.

The absence of alcohol ensures that you won’t have any burning sensation or after-use dehydration in your skin. Its Vetiver, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Leaf extracts ensure that your skin remains moisturized with a good after-use feel. The product has been dermatologically tested and is suited for all skin types. Unless you have allergic reaction to fragrance itself, there should not be any reaction on your skin.

While there is a debate on whether alcohol in body spray is Halal or not and whether it is okay to wear alcohol while offering Namaz, most scholars agree that it is preferable to use an alcohol-free fragrance.

Here are links from some

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1cD7W8-TNQ&feature=share
  2. https://bit.ly/2PMAhvC

As a company, Lafz advocates the consumer right to make an informed choice.

International Muslim scholars on their views on alcohol in body sprays/perfumes.