Water Permeable Nail Polish

1. Is Lafz Nail Polish Halal/Halal Certified?
Yes, it is! Lafz Nail Polish is made with only Halal ingredients. The product has breakthrough water permeable formulation that allows water to penetrate and reach the nail surface. Lafz Nail Polish is Certified Halal by RACS Halal Certification Body (UAE). We pride ourselves in being a socially, culturally, ecologically responsible brand that you can have complete faith in. You can check our certificates here : https://bd.thelafz.com/certificates-nailpolish
2. What does water-permeable mean?
It means that our nail polishes allow water to pass through it. Our product is different from normal nail polishes in its molecular structure. Water permeable nail polishes have loosely packed molecules that are scientifically proven to allow water to pass through and reach your nail surface.
3. Can we perform Wudu with it?
Lafz Nail Polish has been scientifically proven to be water permeable by accredited labs in Admaterials Technologies, Singapore. This means that water touches your nail bed even when you have our nail polish on. It is Halal Certified by renowned RACS Halal Certification Body (UAE). However, we believe that as a good practice one may remove the nail polish with our alcohol-free nail polish remover (will be available soon to Bangladesh) before offering prayers.
4. Can you prove that your nail polish is really “water permeable”?
We have done extensive scientific quality & efficacy testing of our nail polishes before bringing it to you. You can try it yourself. Apply a coat of our nail polish on a piece of thin tissue paper. Apply a few drops of water on it and rub it lightly to let the droplets permeate through, moistening the tissue. Unlike ordinary nail polish which has tightly packed molecules, our breakthrough nail polish contains molecules that are loosely packed and allows water and oxygen to pass through and reach the nail bed. Our nail polish works best with single coat application.
5. How many shades are available as of now?
As of now, there are 9 exquisite shades made to match your style. Each one is Halal Certified and has no animal-source ingredients; also free from 9 harmful chemicals usually used in regular nail polishes. Find the shade that suits your personality here: https://bd.thelafz.com/nail-polish/
6. Can I pray with this nail polish on?
Our nail polish is made of Halal ingredients and is free from 9 harmful chemicals. It is also free of animal-source ingredients. With our breakthrough technology, Lafz Nail Polish is also water-permeable, meaning water seeps through and reaches the surface of your nails. We do suggest that you use your own discretion on matters related to your faith. As a best practice, one may remove the nail polish with our alcohol-free nail polish remover (soon to be available in Bangladesh) before offering prayers
7. Do you have any store where I can see/try the products?
We have recently launched in Bangladesh and trying to establish our physical distribution gradually. Please check this regularly updated list of physical stores where you can find our products (link). Meantime, you can order from our website (bd.thelafz.com) for home delivery.
8. How long does the nail polish last?
Lafz Nail Polish, with its long-lasting formulation, keeps the colors vibrant and has a durable finish that does not chip easily. Most consumers report that there is no chipping for at least 5-7 days.
9. Is it okay to apply a double coat?
Our formulation is a single coat application, in which the water permeability is at its optimal best.
10. How do I remove the nail polish?
Nail polish remover works great in removing the coat. Preferably, use an alcohol-free nail polish remover to preserve the integrity of your nails.
11. Which countries is your nail polish available in?
Currently we are launching in South East Asian countries. But soon, our brand Lafz Nail Polish will be available around the world. To keep up to date, drop us a message at info@believe.sg and we will reply as soon as possible to your query!
12. How can I trust your nail polish?
We firmly believe that one should be comfortable with the choices they make.
Lafz as a brand is socially, culturally & environmentally conscious. It uses advanced formulation that preserves oneness with nature and keeps your faith while creating the products. Our products are Shariah Compliant & Certified Halal by The European Islamic Association, Turkish WQR, DSR & Turcert Teknik Control Certification Body and RACS Halal Certification Body (UAE). We will always bring products that conform to these guidelines and help you and our customers live a better, harmonious life.
13. Can Nail Polish be Halal?
Beauty should be embraced on your own terms; you should be comfortable with the products you use. Though we have done all the hard-work of ensuring that our products are safe and conform to guidelines set by Halal governing bodies (in both Europe and Asia), it should be your own personal discretion on whether you choose to use our products. In the least, you can consider removing any polish before your prayer rituals. We suggest using our Alcohol and Acetone free nail polish remover (soon to be available in Bangladesh)that will not harm your nails in the removal process.