Should I Spray Halal Perfume On My Skin Or My Clothes?

Should I spray my halal perfume on my skin or clothes? This question has been on the mind of many people and that’s why it needs to be addressed immediately. Halal sprays or no-alcohol perfumes are natural with no alcohol or animal by-products used. There are no forbidden ingredients included in halal sprays. The alcohol-free perfumes are absolutely safe on the skin as well. You will experience no burning sensation that you would normally experience when using a 95% alcohol perfume and the skin will never experience any dehydration when using a halal perfume. It is best suited on all skin types, even people with sensitive skin can use halal perfumes without worrying about any kind of infection or harm to health. Alcohol-based sprays or sprays with animal by-products are considered Haram by many scholars and the halal way of living advises not to wear them during Namaz. It is completely fine to wear Halal Perfume on the skin or clothes even while performing prayers. Either way, it is safe.

The fragrance lasts long enough when applied on either skin or clothes alone. However, applying the perfume directly on the skin rather than the clothes guarantee long-lasting results. This is not the same when the humidity is high. In times like this, applying the perfume on the clothes lasts longer than when applied on the skin. However, applying the perfume on both your skin and clothes will prove to be more effective. The fragrances of exceptional halal perfumes like the ones manufactured by Lafz lasts up to 12-24 hours. Since the products are halal-certified, it is completely fine to wear them all day long even during prayers.

The world’s 1st halal-certified brand — Lafz — has no ethyl alcohol, animal by-products and harmful ingredients used in its products. The use of aloe-vera and vetiver helps in moisturizing the skin, making it 100% safe on any skin type. Lafz strongly believes that the followers of halal living must enjoy the benefits of modern living without compromising on their values and beliefs. They have a wide range of halal compliant personal care products. It comes in six variants of perfumes for men and 4 variants of perfumes for women.

A true believer of the Islamic community lives their life in a halal way. They eat halal, act halal and consume products that are halal. The ones who believe, consume consciously and responsibly, because Halal is a lifestyle choice! Get your halal perfume today!

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