For the longest time, Muslim women have had to make a tough choice with wearing makeup because most of the cosmetic products found in the market include haram ingredients. The Arabic word ‘Haram’ literally translates into ‘Non-Permissible,’ that’s why Muslim women don’t wear these modern-day products during namaz. 

Muslim women want a lifestyle that strikes the right balance between belief and style, as nobody should ever have to compromise with their religious beliefs to lead a modern lifestyle. 

This is the reason why there’s more brands introducing Halal compliant personal care and cosmetics products available for the contemporary Muslim Woman. Here are some Halal cosmetic and personal care products that Muslim women should have in their makeup kit.

Nail Polish: Halal nail polishes are made from a water-permeable formula; Halal nail polish allows water to seep through and touch your nails so that you can perform wudu without having to remove the polish. Halal nail polish is available in different shades that will brighten up your day. Now, you can pray to Allah wholeheartedly without having guilt about wearing nail polish. 

Lipstick: While lipsticks are a mainstay in a makeup-kit, common ingredients in ordinary lipsticks include – carmine (for the rich color), lanolin, beeswax, and other animal-derived ingredients. Halal lipsticks are free from these ingredients, and still retain the same richness and gloss that instantly brightens up your look. 

Deodorant/Perfume: Halal deodorants & perfumes recognize your requirements and provide a solution that helps you create a lasting impression on others. Halal deodorants/perfumes contain zero alcohol, are gentle on the skin, and include no animal origin ingredients. Halal body sprays epitomize the essence of the modern Muslim of faith and their ways of purity.

Makeup Wipes: It is the easiest way to remove your makeup at the end of the day or whenever required. Halal makeup wipes efficiently removes your face and eye makeup, even the waterproof ones. You can remove your kajal, mascara & lipstick without any skin irritation or hassle. These wipes include skin-loving ingredients that help soothe your skin and moisturize it.

Halal beauty products have opened up a new world of possibilities for Muslim women—where they can truly be themselves without compromising on their beliefs.

The team at Lafz believes that Halal is a way of life that aims at making the world more beautiful and living a harmonious, fulfilling life. Lafz’ wide range of personal care products are not only for Muslim women, but a gift of choice to everyone. As the world’s first Halal-Certified brand, Lafz’ products abide by Halal standards and are Halal certified. They don’t contain zero alcohol, parabens, or animal ingredients. It is our hope that living our purest selves is possible, and that good things can happen, if we believe.

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